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Online Registration

Online registration is available to residents and nonresidents. To use the online registration system you must apply and receive a user name and password. Proof of residency is required annually. If you do not pay a Bartlett water bill you are required annually to provide a current utility bill (sorry driver’s license cannot be accepted).

Online browsers are welcome. Registrations cannot be completed without a user name and password. The website shows up-to-the-second updates on availability. After you enter payment information and receive your receipt, you are instantly enrolled in the class. Full class descriptions, locations and fees are listed. You should print your confirmation at the conclusion of your transaction; you will not receive confirmation from the office.

To add a family member or update grades or household information call the Registration Counter at (630) 540-4800 or send an email to registration@bartlettparks.org.

Family members consist of parents and their single children 24 years and under residing at the same address. Proof of family members or residency is required annually and may be requested at any time.

Household Member Criteria and Registration Restrictions: No one other than a parent or legal guardian is eligible to submit a registration for a child.

We use industry-standard encryption along with other security measures to ensure that your information is kept safe. We also respect your privacy, and won’t sell or share your information with others.

Account Information

Please answer the following 2 questions which will be your Security/Challenge questions:

Town/City where you were born?* Your mother's maiden name?*

Head of Household Information

Name of Primary Guardian: (First)* (Last)*
Date of Birth:* (mm/dd/yyyy) Email Address:*
Home Phone w/area code:* Cell Phone w/area code:

Address Information

Mailing Address:* City:*
State:* Zip:*
Relationship to head of household: Are you a Bartlett Park District resident?:*

Please complete the following information for every family member that will be using our services:

(All information is treated confidentially and used only for placement purposes

Family Member Information

A Family Membership Consists of parents and their unmarried chidren 24 years and under, residing at the same address.

Student Members need to provide proof of full-time school schedule (12 or more hours).

(*All Fields Below are Required for at least one Family Member)

#First Name*Last Name*Relationship to
Head of Household
Gender*Date of Birth*

Special Needs

It is necessary for you to notify us of your needs when registering. Please list any medications currently being taken or describe special accommodations needed for successful inclusion into the program(s). A two week notice is required. Email address: registration@bartlettparks.org

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