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When in Rome Youth Musical March 5-8

Peasant thieves Gladius, Minimus, and Julia sneak into the royal palace disguised as handmaidens. Gladius is smitten with the beautiful princess and simply must catch another glimpse of her. They are promptly caught, almost becoming lion food until the princess gets an idea. She must marry soon, but almost all the senators and other men of the city, except the repulsive Senator Altilis, are away at war. If she can’t find a suitable match, her father has decreed she must marry the last gladiator standing in the upcoming games. That’s the last thing this intelligent but headstrong feminist leader wants. And Senator Altilis is deviously plotting to get her out of the empire’s affairs by moving the date of the gladiator games up, thus burdening the princess with having to plan her dreaded wedding. The princess schemes to train Gladius to compete in the games so she can avoid marrying Brudis, the brainless brute favored to win. The only hitch? Gladius has to win! That’s easier said than done, as the princess realizes once the training begins. Filled with ten catchy songs, this show is for all ages and includes performers ages 8 through 18. Estimated run time including intermission 2 hours. Seating is reserved and all tickets are $9. *Those under 3 years old do not need a ticket if they are sitting on a ticket holder’s lap. Show takes place on the BCC Oak Room stage. Thursday, March 5 at 7pm $9, Friday, March 6 at 7pm $9, Saturday, March 7 at 1pm $9, Saturday, March 7 at 7pm $9, and Sunday, March 8 at 1pm $9. All seating is reserved. Ticket orders are filled as received. For the best seats order early. To order tickets by phone with a credit card, call 630-540-4834 or purchase at the registration counter at BCC with the form below. Tickets will also be available 30 minutes prior to each performance at the door. No internet registration available.

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Musical Theatre: General

The Bartlett Park District currently supports two musical productions each year (March and October). The theatre is run as a program however; auditions are hosted to cast the roles in each production. Those cast within the production must pay a program fee. Information about upcoming shows will be posted as it is available. The youth show takes place in March and the family show takes place in October. Ticket information will be posted with ticket order forms approximately 45 days prior to the performance. View Past Productions

Youth Musical Theatre

Youth theatre productions are open to ages 8-18 and audition in December for a March show. Auditions are by appointment. To audition for these shows you must prepare a Broadway style song, something from church, or school. Absolutely no pop music is to be used as an audition song nor is Happy Birthday appropriate. You do not need to bring any piano sheet music, but can bring a karaoke style CD if you wish to be accompanied. It should not contain lead vocals. If you cannot attend the scheduled auditions you may audition by DVD. You should state your name, age, sing your song, and then submit the DVD before the first audition date. You will also need to complete the audition form.

Family Musical Theatre

Family theatre productions are open to ages 8 through adult for an October show. The family shows are generally well-known and include a live band. Auditions are by appointment.

Musical Theatre Employment/Volunteers

Resumes of proven, experienced directors, musical directors and choreographers are accepted throughout the year. If you are interested in a position please send a resume with references to Theatre Producer, c/o Bartlett Park District, 700 S. Bartlett Road, Bartlett, IL 60103.




696 W. Stearns Rd., Bartlett, IL