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Indoor Pool

Splash Central Indoor Aquatic Center Hours and Fees

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Splash Central generally has an extensive operating season and operating day to offer users the greatest amount of flexibility for their swim. Hours change seasonally and fees are annually reviewed for adjustment that occurs on May 1st, the beginning of the District’s fiscal year.

Splash Central Hours of Operation:                                        

 Open Swim (Lap and Leisure Pools)   Lap Swim (Ages 14 and over)  
 Friday 6:30-9pm  Mon, Wed, Fri 5:30-1pm, 4-9pm
 Saturday 1-6pm  Tues, Thurs 5:30am-12noon, 4-9pm
 Sunday 1-6pm  Saturday 7am-6pm
 Sunday 8am-6pm

*During aquatic programming, only one lap is guaranteed for lap swimming. At least two lanes will be available during Aqua-Fit & Bullets Swim Team. All non-programming patrons must stay in a lap lane so programming is no interrupted.

Indoor Daily Admissions Fees Resident Nonresident
Tot (2 & under) Free Free
Youth (3-17) $5 $6
Adult (18-61) $6.50 $7.50
Senior (62 & over) $5 $6
12 Visit Lap Swim $55 $75
12 visit Lap Swim Senior/Student $35 $50


Indoor Annual Pass (Splash Central) Resident Nonresident
Individual Pass $160 $190
Each Additional Family Member $57 $57
Senior (62 & over) $120 $142
Each Additional Senior Family Member $43 $43


Indoor/Outdoor Annual Pass Resident Nonresident
Individual Pass $225 $255
Each Additional Family Member $76 $76
Senior (62 & over) $168 $191
Each Additional Senior Family Member $57 $57

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Swim Lessons (630) 540-4850

Swim lessons are held year-round at our indoor facility for individuals six months of age and older. Instruction is available in the form of group swim lessons, semi-private swim lessons, and private swim lessons. Fall, winter, and spring classes run primarily in the evenings and weekend mornings, but a limited number of classes are also offered during the daytime on weekdays. During the summer, classes are generally offered in the morning and evening during the weekdays and in the mornings on weekends.

Bartlett Swim Academy Lesson Descriptions

Parent and Tot Swimming Exploration
Come and explore the water with your infant or toddler. This class, with an adult in-water, is designed to facilitate familiarity with the water and build comfort. Instructors will act as facilitators and coordinate both structured and unstructured activities to promote water exploration.

Basic Tiny Tot Toddlers comfortable being independent in the water without a parent are ready for the introductory class to our Bartlett Park District Swim Academy program. This class focuses on development of motor skills in the water, including blowing bubbles, supported floats, and arm circles. Students will also be given structured opportunities to further explore the water environment.

Advanced Tiny Tot For students successfully graduating from Basic Tiny Tot, this class is designed to further facilitate the development of water comfort and basic skill development. The ultimate goal of this class is to adequately prepare the student for entry into our Basic Skills series of classes. Students will be encouraged to continue developing motor skills learned in Basic Tiny Tot in addition to achieving a level of comfort where they can put their entire head under the water.

Basic Skills I After graduation from Advanced Tiny Tot, students will be ready to enter the core program curriculum of the Bartlett Park District Swim Academy. Basic Skills I promotes early stroke development with the refinement of arm circles, kicks, and an introduction to rotary breathing. Instructors will also encourage students to float independently on their front and back. Finally, with time being spent in the Splash Central Lap Pool, students will also cover safety rules at the start and end of class each day.

Basic Skills II Building on the curriculum from Basic Skills I, students will continue to develop front crawl and back crawl with the ultimate goal of swimming 10-15 yards independently with instructor supervision. Rotary breathing will also be reinforced in an effort to develop a clean stroke needed for successful completion of the next class, Basic Skills III, and graduation into the Advanced Skills series.

Basic Skills III The capstone class of the Basic Skills series focuses on stroke refinement, additional opportunities for deep water skill-building, and increased emphasis on distance swimming and endurance. To successfully graduate from Basic Skills III, students must be able to independently swim the full length of the Splash Central Lap Pool (25 yards) using a relatively refined and clean front crawl and back crawl. Students will also receive introduction to the stroke components of breaststroke through development of elementary backstroke.

Advanced Skills I The initial class in this series offers students an opportunity to continue developing advanced strokes such as breaststroke. Students will build endurance by swimming regular lengths of the pool. Advanced safety skills will be introduced and discussed and students will be given the opportunity to attempt basic diving techniques.

Advanced Skills II Students will continue the development of all four major strokes: front crawl (freestyle), back crawl (backstroke), breaststroke, and butterfly. Students will continue to develop their ability to swim greater distances, which is important from both a safety and competitive standpoint. Finally, proper usage of lifejackets will be demonstrated and applied during class.

Advanced Skills III The final course in the Advanced Skills series focuses on retention of all four major strokes: front crawl (freestyle), back crawl (backstroke), breaststroke, and butterfly. Students will receive additional training on how to apply these strokes in both a leisure swimming and competitive environment. Additional endurance-building activities for students will help facilitate their graduation from the program. Graduation will propel students into confident and safety oriented independent swimmers.

Intro To Competitive Swimming For students completing Advanced Skills III who have the desire to swim competitively, this course will weave elements of a swim team environment into stroke refinement and development. Students will learn the basics of flip turns and proper starting techniques. The Bartlett Park District Swim Academy recommends this course for any individual desiring to swim for the Bartlett Barracudas Swim Team for the first time. 

Adult Swimming Lessons Whether you have a fear of swimming, want to improve your swimming skills, or are looking for a year-round fitness activity, the Bartlett Park District Swim Academy’s Adult Swim Lessons are for you. Lessons will be taught based upon your present skill level. Instructors take time to work with each student and maintain and comfortable a class environment.

Masters Swim Team If you miss that competitive spirit from high school/college, or just want to get the edge back into your workout, join our team. Meets are optional. There will be a coach overseeing your workouts to give you that “push” you need. A Splash Central Pool Pass is included in this program. You will swim with the Bartlett Gators Masters Swim Team for the duration of your annual membership. Current organized practice times will still remain for a team environment; however, coaching staff will post practice routines and members can swim independently during Lap Swim times. Current Splash Central or Indoor/Outdoor pool pass holders will only pay a pro-rated Course Administration Fee calculated through their pool pass expiration date. All registrations are taken at the Bartlett Community Center Registration Counter.

Private Receive a more personalized approach with the Bartlett Park District Swim Academy’s private swim lessons. The one-on-one technique of these lessons help to facilitate a more effective learning environment for certain swimmers. Instructors will build strong relationships with students in order to understand their needs. These classes tend to fill up quickly, so register early!

Semi-Private Buddy Swim Lessons Looking for a smaller group lesson? These lessons will have a 2:1 or 3:1 ratio and are tailored to meet your personal needs. You must register with one or two additional swimmers. Single participants will not be registered. Families or friends may sign up together to motivate each other. No online registration available. All parties in the lesson need to be present upon registration or else class will not be eligible to run. To create a smoother registration process, please be sure to fill out a questionnaire when registering. Questions will include partner’s name(s), ages, skill level and instructor request (if any). Lessons will be more progressive with similar skill levels.

Advanced Private Swim Lessons Get a more advanced approach with these lessons. These are taught by advanced instructors and swim team coaches and are for those swimmers and competitors looking to improve their stroke. Lessons are 30 minutes in length for a series of six lessons. Register for class and an instructor will call you within one week.

Custom Private Lessons Would you like to take private swim lessons but the scheduled times just don’t work? Is your favorite instructor already requested at a regular Private Swim Lessons time? Now you can schedule your time and instructor. Just register at the front desk and fill out the request form and the instructor will be in contact with you. Online registration is not available. This is the ONLY Private Lesson class that will allow you to take classes outside regularly published class times.

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Rentals/Group Outings (630) 540-4850

Our indoor aquatic center is available for groups and private rentals year-round. Groups of 15 or more receive a discounted pool rate with a five-day advanced notice to pool management. Birthday party groups have the option of renting a party room which overlooks and is immediately adjacent to the pool area. The facility is available after-hours on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays for private rentals. We also offer instructional outings for scout or community groups.

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Special Events (630) 540-4850

A variety of special events are held at our indoor aquatic center throughout the year. These events are open to the public and are generally free for Splash Central pass holders. Events are published in the seasonal park district brochures. For more information about the special events contact the Bartlett Community Center Registration Desk or Splash Central.

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Safety/Rules (630) 540-4850

To ensure the safety of our patrons and staff we have rules and regulations in place that all individuals must adhere to at all times. The aquatic center is staffed during all operational hours (including private rentals) with professional lifeguards. The Bartlett Park District is a client of Jeff Ellis and Associates, Inc, the world’s premier aquatic risk management and lifeguard training firm. Jeff Ellis and Associates licensed lifeguards are required to successfully pass a rigorous 24 hour training course and renew their licenses with an equally rigorous renewal course every year. Additionally, lifeguards must attend ongoing training every month in order to ensure the highest level of performance. To maintain accountability, lifeguard vigilance is tested during operational hours by the use of submerged mannequins and simulated live guests-in-distress. As a client of Jeff Ellis and Associates, the Bartlett Park District is subject to random, unannounced audits during the summer by a company representative to ensure compliance with their risk program.

Safety and Rules-Splash PDF

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The Bartlett Park District has a variety of indoor aquatic programming. We have Fluid Running©, Swim Lessons, Diving, Adult Swim Team, Water Walkers Club, Aqua-fit classes, lifeguard classes, Parent Tot Playgroup and Water Safety Instruction. Please click the below link for more information on these great programs!

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696 W. Stearns Rd., Bartlett, IL